Intro to Robotics and Programming

Short Learning Programme

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About this programme

Learn a new skill and Unleash your creativity

The introduction to robotics and programming course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills required to design, build and programme a working robot.  An Arduino robotics kit and accessories are provided as part of the course fee.  During the two-day course, students will receive guidance and hands-on training on:

  • The functions of robotics components,
  • How to design and build a robot, and
  • How to programme a robot to perform basic functions.

Contact to enquire about course start dates.

Admission and user requirements

There are NO admission requirements for this short learning programme – simply #CLICKtoLEARN.

Additional benefits

  • Arduino robotics kit and accessories Included

Exclusive access to MANCOSA Community. Expand your professional network and increase your employment opportunities.

Earn a microlearning, blockchain credential

Course Details

Intro to Robotics and Programming

Delivery: Contact / In-person

Duration: 2 days

Admission requirements: None

Learning Style: Instructor-led

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