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About this programme

The emergence of the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) coupled with rapid advancements in information and digital technologies has resulted in ongoing and unprecedented transformation in the 21st century workplace. Almost every organisation has either proactively or been forced to digitally transform. However, not all digital transformation initiatives are successful. According to McKinsey, a global consulting firm, up to 70% of digital transformation efforts fail. However, for those organisations that are successful in their digital transformation agendas, a competitive, and often unrivalled digital paradise awaits.

The MANCOSA skillME Digital Transformation in the 21st Century Workplace short learning programme (SLP) has been developed by industry experts to provide individuals with a robust understanding of why and how digital transformation can be pursued successfully. The programme develops the skills that are required in order to successfully stimulate and influence an organisation’s digital transformation trajectory.

Take this programme to

  • Understand why digital transformation is critical for organisations
  • Identify the process and key drivers of digital transformation
  • Analyse Technology trends and how these affect the 21st century, digital working environment
  • Identify key decisions that need to be made in order to stimulate digital transformation in the 21st century workplace

Admission and user requirements

There are NO admission requirements for this short learning programme – simply #CLICKtoLEARN.

User requirements:

  • Own laptop or PC or tablet/mobile
  • Own internet connection
  • Approximately 1 GB of data

Additional benefits

  • High-impact microlearning programme developed by industry and academic experts
  • Mobile friendly and accessible
  • Interactive/ gamified content and assessments
  • Videos on demand

Blockchain Certificate


Upon successful completion of this SLP students will receive an automatically generated Certificate of Completion backed by MANCOSA and issued through blockchain.

Blockchain certificates, can be easily shared with your network and are easily verified by employers and recruitment agencies.

Exclusive access to MANCOSA Community. Expand your professional network and increase your employment opportunities.


Earn a microlearning, blockchain credential

Course Details

Digital Transformation in 21st Century Workplace

Delivery: 100% Online

Duration: 3 hours

Admission requirements: None

Access: 24/7

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