Digital Leadership: Leading Unchartered waters

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About this programme

Do you have what it takes to lead in the digital age?

For leaders to be effective at solving modern business problems, they will have to rethink how they utilize data and approach failure whilst remaining agile in order to successfully navigate the unchartered waters of the digital age.

Join this live MASTERclass to be exposed to an industry leader and expert in digital leadership.

The MASTERclass is a modern, microlearning opportunity, which spans up to 8 hours and is comprised of multiple topic sessions. It is designed to rapidly upskill participants by accelerating learning through expert insights, advice and intelligence.

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About the Presenter

  • TBC

Admission and user requirements

There are NO admission requirements for this short learning programme – simply #CLICKtoLEARN.

User requirements:

  • Own laptop or PC or tablet/mobile
  • Own internet connection
  • Approximately 1 GB of data

Additional benefits

  • Learn from Captains of Industry
  • Mobile friendly and accessible

Blockchain Certificate


Upon successful completion of this SLP students will receive an automatically generated Certificate of Completion backed by MANCOSA and issued through blockchain.

Blockchain certificates, can be easily shared with your network and are easily verified by employers and recruitment agencies.

Exclusive access to MANCOSA Community. Expand your professional network and increase your employment opportunities.


Earn a microlearning, blockchain credential

Course Details

Digital Leadership: Leading Unchartered waters

Delivery: 100% Online MASTERclass

Duration: 1 days

Admission requirements: None

Learning Style: Expert-led

Access: 24/7

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