Cybercrime Intelligence in Managing Cyber Risk



About this programme

Information systems serve as critical assets for completive advantage as well as a source for strategic security risk. Organisations now have complex digital ecosystems rooted at the heart of their success and it is incumbent upon business managers and leaders to be acutely aware of the challenges and risks that cybersecurity threats pose to their continued operations.

Cybercrime Intelligence in Managing Cyber Risk will be hosted by Prof. Elmarie Biermann, director at Cyber Security Institute, on the 30th of July 2022 between 8am to 2:30pm and one can expect the following topics to be covered:

TOPIC 1: Cyber Security Environment

  • The Cyber Landscape
  • Cybercrime: Local and Global Perspectives
  • Cybercrime Ecosystem
  • The guy in the hoodie

TOPIC 2: Cyber Intelligence

  • How Dark is the Dark Web?
  • Threats and exploits
  • The 5th domain of warfare
  • Psychology of data, analysis and intelligence
  • The global geo-political and technological space
  • Technology advancements

TOPIC 3: Manging Cyber Risks

  • Vulnerability and exploit cycle
  • Kill chain
  • Critical controls
  • Cyber strategy
  • Cyber Risk Management System

About the Presenter

Prof. Elmarie Biermann

Admission and user requirements

There are NO admission requirements for this short learning programme – simply #CLICKtoLEARN.

User requirements:

  • Own laptop or PC or tablet/mobile
  • Own internet connection
  • Approximately 1 GB of data

Additional benefits

  • Learn from Captains of Industry
  • Mobile friendly and accessible

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Course Details

Cybercrime Intelligence in Managing Cyber Risk

Delivery: 100% Online MASTERclass

Duration: 1 days

Admission requirements: None

Learning Style: Expert-led

Access: 24/7

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